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Live gold prices and real-time charts on your screen! Select metal, weight, purity, currency, markup/discount, then calculate your value. Unbiased values since (believe it or not) 1996. Mobile Version here.

This calculator fetches the current price of gold over the internet to compute a scrap gold calculation (or a silver calculation). Only the gold melt value (or silver melt value) of your precious metal is used. For example, you want to know the 14K gold price content of a class ring you found with your metal detector. We will automatically apply the 58.3% gold ratio. If you have a recycler or refiner (like Kitco) who pays you 91% of the gold spot price, enter 0.91 for Markup / Discount.

The Fine Print: Mid-market rates as of Wednesday, July 24, 2024 4:10:57 AM UTC. This service is courtesy of Dendritics Inc, which takes no responsibility for mistakes. Nor will we profit if you make money from them. Live Spot prices are fetched over the internet to produce your current valuation. Age of the pricing is relative to when we received it. Webpage designs © 2024 Dendritics Inc. Comments and Suggestions are welcomed by webmaster, jb.[a]

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